How To Make Your Next Campout Vegan Friendly

How To Make Your Next Campout Vegan Friendly

From hot dogs to s’mores, it can be difficult to camp out with the kids on an animal free diet if you’ve never done it before. Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the lack of good options when it comes to camping cookery, especially since vegans have proven time and time again how versatile they are with food substitutes. A truly naturist experience deserves a fitting diet to go along with it, and you’ve got to have enough nutritional options for the kids as well. Fortunately, there are many healthy options that travel well and can make your outdoor experience a blast.

Healthy SnacksSnacks On The Go

Obviously fruit and veggies are a natural choice when camping, and if you’ve got a cooler, your options grow exponentially for what you can and can’t bring along in the car. If you’ve got a lot of physical activities like trail blazing, canoeing, kayaking and even swimming you’ll want something with you that will give you enough energy to keep going throughout the entire day; suggests:

For a more substantial snack, combine the dried fruit with nuts, seeds and other dried foods for a trail mix. Your favorite vegan baked goods made ahead of time offer a snack option once you arrive.

If you plan on being gone for long periods of time you may also want to invest in some protein bars to take in your pack. This works as a safety precaution as well if you find yourself stranded on a trail of unable to canoe back to camp right away due to weather conditions.

Around The Fire

If you plan on baking for the trip you should whip up a batch of vegan friendly graham crackers; vegetarian grocery areas in your local market should carry animal-free marshmallows and vegan chocolate for your own version of the s’more. This will keep the kids happy, not to mention satiate any cravings you might have had for the childhood treat. If you’re into poking sticks through your food and roasting it, you can also pack vegan sausages, and whip up some premade tofu and pepper kabobs to bring in the cooler. Roasting mixed veggies and beans in tin foil near the fire can also make for some interesting wraps; use flourless tortillas and add salsa for a gluten- free vegetarian burrito that rocks. Always be careful when cooking around open flames, especially if you’re letting children join in; make sure the sticks you use are long enough to keep yourself away from the heat, and that there’s cold water nearby in case of any accidents. When you’re going to sleep, or the entire family is leaving the site for any reason, put out the fire and check for any continuously burning embers before going.

Morning Memories

Campout Breakfasts can be a little tricky, especially without all the usual culinary tools that your kitchen provides. If you’ve got an iron skillet, you can whip up a batch of eggs and dairy free pancakes at home and transport the mixture in an air tight container. The Vegetarian Resource Group makes the suggestion:

“If you have leftover tortillas, try making breakfast or dessert quesadillas by heating a tortilla with some combination of peanut butter, fruit, and chocolate chips folded inside.”

A kettle can give you the option of coffee, tea, and even oatmeal, and fortunately for you, unlike dairy products, almond milk doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened. This means you can bring a carton from home to drink, or cook with and not worry about it spoiling, so long as you can use it up within the day, or store in your cooler.

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